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1468 W 9th St Ste 100
Cleveland, OH 44113


LineStream Technologies has commercialized Active Disturbance Rejection Control. By partnering with providers of the leading control platforms, LineStream is changing the controls landscape with disruptive technology that scales across semiconductor, PLC, and drive platforms.


LineStream Technologies, Inc. is a leading licensor of advanced control software, and LineStream's technology can be found in certain products offered by LineStream's commercial partners.

LineStream’s technology embodied in the SpinTAC, InTAC, Motor Commander, and Sentry software suites is covered by one or more of:

U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,041,436, 8,060,340, 8,180,464, 8,406,905, 8,571,691, 8,644,963, 8,710,777, 9,052,705, 9,041,337, 9,268,315, 9,268,316, 9,690,261, and 9,369,073.  Korea Pat. No. 10-1378824.  Canada Pat. No. CA 2663742. Taiwan Pat. No. I498701. China Pat. No. 201110136608. Other patents pending.

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