Welcome to LineStream Technologies, a pioneer in the field of embedded motor & motion control and a proud partner of Texas Instruments.


Together with Texas Instruments, a leading global semiconductor provider, we have launched InstaSPIN™-MOTION, the performance pinnacle of TI’s InstaSPIN family for motor control. Powered by our SpinTAC™ software, InstaSPIN™-MOTION streamlines the design process and improves system performance of motor-controlled products ranging from washing machines to medical robots. InstaSPIN™-MOTION will help OEMs accelerate time-to-market, cut design costs, and improve the performance of their products. 

Software is increasingly becoming a differentiator for our products, especially in the vast and growing motor control segment. Partnering with LineStream Technologies has allowed us to remain at the vanguard of this trend and to deliver to the market the industry’s most advanced motor control suite.
— Scott Roller, VP, Microcontrollers, Texas Instruments